Feb. 25, 12-1 p.m. or 5-6 p.m. in room H-106. You can become a state-tested nursing assistant in only eight weeks! Classes begin twice a semester. Meet the instructor, see the curriculum, and find out if this program is the right entry-level health technologies program for you! MORE INFO
Come to our open house on March 4 at either noon or 6 p.m. in room A-3012 to learn about how biotechnology science researchers use lab equipment for research and manufacturing. With a background in biotech, there are job opportunities in the medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, forensic or biological research industries. And there are 16 full-tuition scholarships available to that even cover books!
Come to our open house on March 4 in room H-136 at either 11 a.m. or 5 p.m. to learn about the field of histotechnology. This is a great career for people who want to work in health care and are good at biology and chemistry but prefer "behind-the-scenes" laboratory work. Histotechnologists prepare tissue samples for analysis by pathologists. This is a high-demand job with opportunities at all major area hospitals.
Come to our open house on April 10 at either noon or 4 p.m. in room H-132 to learn about our Health Information Management Technology (HIMT) degree. This great "behind-the-scenes" career in the medical field is one in which practitioners assign codes to patient charts and use encoder software on a computer. These jobs are typically Monday-Friday, with nights, weekends and holidays off! We also have a Medical Coding Certificate that takes a shorter amount of time for entry-level positions.
Come to our open house on April 10 in room H-106 between 5 and 7 p.m. to learn about this great career in the medical field! Start your health care career in less than a year. Medical assistants work directly with patients and perform clinical procedures and administrative tasks. The hours are great! Typically, medical assistants work Monday-Friday during daytime hours.

Lakeland's healthcare associate degree and certificate programs can give you the start to a career in the health and medical fields. Many programs prepare you to be job ready and you can start working soon after program completion.

Contact us for more information.

Some students opt to transfer their credits to a four-year institution. Many stay at Lakeland through bachelor's degree programs in the health field offered at the Holden University Center such as allied health, health information management, applied science in allied health, and nursing.

Whatever your health care career goals, we have different options. Whether you want to work with patients, healthcare administration/management, or behind the scenes in a science lab, come explore which health program may be right for you!



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