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Welcome to Lakeland Community College's department of medical assisting. The mission of the medical assisting program is to educate and prepare competent, responsible and caring medical assistants as members of the healthcare team. In addition, the program fosters professionalism, ethics, personal growth and development, and lifelong learning.

Medical assistants are multiskilled health professionals specifically educated to work in ambulatory settings performing administrative and clinical duties. The practice of medical assisting directly influences the public's health and well-being. It requires the mastery of a complex body of knowledge and specialized skills. These require formal education and practical experiences that serve as standards for entry into the profession. 

Administrative Medical Office Assistant

Administrative medical office assistants work in a variety of healthcare facilities and provide support to ensure patients receive prompt and efficient care. They schedule appointments, register patients, input medical record information, perform bookkeeping functions and work with the insurance companies. Lakeland's certificate program enables students to take a national certification test from the National Health Career Association.

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