Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 5, the learning center will provide drop-in tutoring with Rick Piunno for students taking chemistry, physics or upper level math classes. Drop by the learning center any Tuesday & Wednesday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Thursday from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in Room A-1044 to give it a try. This model allows students to get help quickly when they get stuck on a particular concept. Individual tutoring appointments are still available for students who prefer it.

Welcome to Lakeland Community College's Learning Center. The mission of Lakeland's Learning Center is to provide quality educational support for currently enrolled students in order to assist them with improving learning and achieving their educational goal.

College Readiness Workshop

This is a five-day workshop to help jumpstart the transition into college. Students will learn strategies and skills to become college ready. Knowing what to expect in college and how to identify and utilize the support resources needed is essential. This workshop encourages students to see the differences between college and high school life related to: personal responsibility, class time, critical thinking skills, and the level of independence that students experience.


The Learning Center is dedicated to student success and provides the following support services:

College Success Workshops

The key to becoming a successful college student is developing the skills required to reach academic goals.

College Success Workshops are free and provide an opportunity for students to learn strategies for success in any course. Students may register for as many workshops as they would like. Topics include note taking, study skills, time management, tips for test success, blackboard orientation, myLakeland review, basic computer skills, basics of using a calculator, habits of successful college students, stress management, memory tips, placement test prep, and solutions for math anxiety!


The OHIO e-TUTORING COLLABORATIVE is available for students in online courses, students who are unable to come to campus for tutoring or students who can benefit from extra help.

Math in Minutes

Students receive walk-in help with math. Students work at their own pace on assignments and tutors circulate to answer questions. The table is staffed by professionals as well as high level math students who have been recommended by faculty and have trained with our professional tutors. Click here to view hours of operation.

Success Coaching

Success coaching is one-on-one personalized support for students who want additional help with success strategies, including time management, goal setting, organization, learning style, test taking, reading comprehension, note taking, study skills or basic computer skills. Success coaching is free and by appointment. The coaches can work around student schedules to make it convenient. Register Now!


FREE tutoring is offered by professional tutors (holding a bachelor's degree or higher in the area(s) they tutor) as well as well-trained and faculty recommended peer tutors. Students have the ability to schedule appointments one week at a time, when they need it rather than committing to a semester long tutoring session. Click here to view available tutoring hours.

Writing Center

Students collaborate with consultants to improve their ability to communicate their ideas in writing – all types of writing and all subjects. Students do not drop off their papers to be proofread, but work with the consultant to improve their writing skills and learn from their mistakes. Click here to view hours of operation.


Staging Enabled