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Lakeland's student success navigators are here to help you complete your college mission. Please contact us with any questions about Lakeland's Learning Center, our services or to get in touch with a student success navigator!

Student Success Navigators

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Meet our Team

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Bronte Billings
bronte billings

Bronte is a student success navigator at Lakeland Community College. She graduated summa cum laude with an MFA in creative writing from the NEOMFA, but she started out her academic career as a Lakeland student! Bronte has survived seven years of schooling, which means she is full of tips and tricks that lead to success. Think of her as a walking, talking survival guide for college. As a student success navigator, Bronte works to assist students in academic skills, from getting through the difficult language within a textbook, to connecting with financial aid resources. Before becoming a student success navigator, Bronte has tried on many hats at Lakeland as a new student orientation leader, writing tutor, adjunct professor and with AmeriCorps. No matter what position she's worked in, Bronte has always loved assisting students in achieving their dreams.

Fun Facts: Bronte has found that her cats love being sung to. She has a running log of what they enjoy being serenaded with, and so far, Disney is at the top along with Lady Gaga. If you ever hear her humming, and hopefully you don't, it's because she's spent the day trying to convince her nine-year-old cat to stop hiding from her new kitten.

Joee Goheen
joee goheen

Joee (pronouns she/her/her's) is a student success navigator at Lakeland's Learning Center. Basically, she is an extra resource for students when they have questions or concerns about academics, campus resources or the college experience in general. College is a magical place where people are empowered through learning, meaningful connections are made and minds expanded. However, it can also be difficult to navigate, especially when everything is new. Joee's job is to give students a point of contact when they need answers or feel lost. She helps students with study skills, note taking, time management, reading comprehension, writing, organization and other skills that help them to be successful in all their academic endeavors. Although she loves helping students in any capacity, her true loves are English and writing, and being able to see students develop these crucial skills, whether their work is creative or academic.

Joee graduated with degrees in English creative writing and German at Marshall University and moved to Cleveland two years ago to do an AmeriCorps year as a success coach at Lakeland. She ended up getting the opportunity to stay and continue her work in the learning center. She is further pursuing her love of writing, earning a master's degree in creative writing (nonfiction) through the Northeastern Ohio Masters of Fine Arts (NEOMFA) program.

Fun Facts: Aside from reading and writing Joee loves to run (and must do it daily rain or shine or else she's grumpy). She enjoys anything outdoors, which Cleveland seems to think is a big joke eight months out of the year. She's a dedicated cinephile who cannot wait sit down in a movie theater. She also has an addiction to popcorn and buying clogs. Her biggest motivation is the students she has the privilege of working with!

Christy Blasier
christy blasier

Christy received her master's of education in instructional technology from John Carroll University. She received her undergraduate degree, B.A. in mathematics from Boston College. Currently Christy teaches a variety of math courses at Lakeland. She tutors various groups of students across campus to empower them to conquer their math fears, and she works as a math placement specialist to proactively help students prepare for the math placement test. She hopes to help many more students be successful in reaching their academic goals.

Fun Facts: Christy enjoys outside with her family doing activities such as swimming, hiking and skiing among other things. She also enjoys cooking as well as eating the food.

Join Christy's Women's Math Empowerment tutoring group! We meet twice every week during fall and spring semesters.

Jody Dalton
jody dalton

Jody is the College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Success Navigator at Lakeland's Learning Center. She is a former College Credit Plus student, which allowed her to graduate with her Associate of Arts Degree while still in high school. Jody continued at Lakeland through the Holden University Center and received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cleveland State University. She started out working at Lakeland's bookstore, first as a Student Worker, then as the Web Sales Coordinator. Now, as the College Credit Plus Student Success Navigator, Jody is available to all College Credit Plus students who may have questions about campus resources and the ins-and-outs of transitioning from high school to college coursework. Staying organized and prepared for class leads to a successful college experience. Jody is a great resource for College Credit Plus students who might benefit from her insights and assistance.

Fun Facts: Jody loves watching Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms, so make sure to share any suggestions with her!​


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