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These sessions focus on adult learners who are 25 or older and are considering enrolling at Lakeland Community College for th ... [+]

Returning to college when you are 25 or older can be challenging, but it can also be one of the best decisions you ever make! Watch our virtual information session video here. Lakeland's Recruitment Center can help adult students:

  • navigate the enrollment process
  • choose an educational path
  • get financial assistance to pay for college
  • bring in transfer credits
  • request credit for prior learning experience
  • find resources on campus to help balance family, job and classroom responsibilities
  • answer frequently asked questions about starting or returning to school

advance your career

take a class

get help paying for college

balance school and life

Advance Your Career

Lakeland offers over 130 programs which train students in careers that are in demand today. These programs are offered in a variety of formats to fit your life, including:


Take a Class

Lakeland offers a variety of ways for adult learners to take courses at Lakeland:


Get Help Paying For College

Not only is Lakeland's tuition affordable, but adult learners can also get help paying for college in a variety of ways:


Balance School, Work & Life

Lakeland understands that as an adult student, you likely have other responsibilities besides going to class.

We offer plenty of services and resources to help you succeed in the classroom while still handling your responsibilities at home and at work.

  • Our programs provide the flexibility adult learners require, including Distance Learning.
  • Free tutoring is available for students looking for additional help at the Learning Center.
  • Students with chidren can also take advantage of on-site child care through Campus Kids.
  • Specialized services are available for men, women, and veterans.

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