Welcome to the Men's Resource Center!

The Men's Resource Center at Lakeland Community College was created in 1996 with a focus on assisting men with life and work transitions. Since then our mission has grown to encompass the recruitment and retention of male students.

Our goals are to:

  • Explore the educational needs of male students at Lakeland and provide advocacy.
  • Develop ways in which male students can better develop the web of supportive relationships necessary to succeed as students.
  • Develop programs to help "at-risk" male students, non-traditional male students, and/or minority men transition into a college environment.
  • Educate college personnel, as well as K -12 teachers, on the learning styles of men.
  • Offer programming to assist men in the community with re-employment objectives.
  • Bring authors and speakers to the campus and the community to present on issues important to men.
Articles of interest

Shelley, James. Ten Reasons Why Men Aren't Going to College. [PDF]

Shelley, James. The two sides of employment's trap door. Cleveland Plain Dealer 30 Nov. 2008 [PDF]