We are now enrolling for both morning and afternoon part-time preschool!

Lakeland's Teaching Learning Center (TLC) provides children, ages 16 months through Pre-K, with a developmentally appropriate education using a curriculum that is based on discovery, guided exploration and play. More than a day care center, the TLC is an accredited day school for the pre-school aged child.

The TLC is a licensed, NAEYC accredited teaching facility that is an all day, year round program. Enrollment is available in two sections: toddler and preschool. The TLC operates from 7:15 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. All TLC teachers are experienced educators with degrees in early childhood education and have Ohio teaching licenses. The facility includes physically controlled access and the campus enjoys the protection of a dedicated law-enforcement team, among other security features.

The TLC offers young children the opportunity to establish an excitement for learning through teacher guidance, social interactions, positive relationships, and meaningful school activities. Families are key elements of our program. Monthly newsletters, family events, and parent / teacher meetings create a true learning community. 

Caregivers provide ideas and feedback to enhance the value TLC may provide to every enrolled child.

The TLC has an open door policy. Inquiries are welcome and appreciated. Contact us here with questions or to enroll.

Lakeland's Teaching Learning Center is licensed by the state of Ohio, accredited by NAEYC and is a Step Up To Quality Five Star Award center.

Toddler Room
(16 Months to 3 Years)

The TLC program for toddlers offers daily enriched experiences to enhance the growth and learning unique to this age. Under the guidance of the TLC toddler teachers, educational play opportunities promote independence, self-awareness, and socialization skills. In a stimulating and prepared environment, individual learning and development unfolds at its own pace. Creative arts, dramatic play, nature activities, block play, and a language-based curriculum are some of the activities included each day. Together, in a nurturing atmosphere, the teacher, child and families begin to build the foundations for future learning.

Preschool Room
(3, 4 and 5 Years)

The TLC program for three, four and five-year olds provides developmentally appropriate experiences for young children. Using a discovery based curriculum, learning is emphasized through guided exploration and play. Both cognitive and language based skills are developed under the guidance of TLC preschool teachers in a prepared child-centered classroom. Positive self-concepts, socialization skills and creative expressions are fostered through daily exposure to an enriched environment. Opportunities for dramatic play, art experiences, music, science and math activities, computers, and language and writing materials are some of the ongoing available sections each day. Individual choices and small group time experiences are provided each morning and afternoon.

Part-time Preschool

The TLC also offers a part-time preschool option for children ages 3-5. The morning and afternoon classes run from September through the end of May. Children will experience socialization with peers, daily physical activity as well as cognitive and creative learning opportunities. Our classroom environment is designed for intentional learning through play and our curriculum is guided by the children's interests and life experiences.

Morning class:
Monday - Friday | 9-11:30 a.m.

Afternoon class:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 11:45 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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