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Attend TACKLE Math skill building sesisons! Improve your math skills, practice math basics and build your confidence to take your next course or the placement test.

Sessions available for summer 2022 are remote via Webex and in-person:

No matter where you are in your math journey at Lakeland, we can help you navigate. Download our TACKLE Math Toolkit to make sure you're on the right path.

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Our math placement specialist helps students prepare for math success, from the point of getting started in the college process to getting through to completion.  She helps students preparing to take the Next Generation Accuplacer placement test, and students planning or already taking a math course overcome barriers to success. Contact Christy Blasier at  if you need help with:

  • Preparing to take or retake the Next Generation Accuplacer Placement Test.
  • Improving your proficiency with math skills.
  • Building mathematical confidence and learning to self-empower.
  • Working on study skills, and test-taking strategies.
  • Math tutoring and support. Learn more about tutoring here.
Christy Blasier
christy blasier

Christy received her master's of education in instructional technology from John Carroll University. She received her undergraduate degree, B.A. in mathematics from Boston College. Currently Christy teaches a variety of math courses at Lakeland. She tutors various groups of students across campus to empower them to conquer their math fears, and she works as a math placement specialist to proactively help students prepare for the math placement test. She hopes to help many more students be successful in reaching their academic goals.

Fun Facts: Christy enjoys outside with her family doing activities such as swimming, hiking and skiing among other things. She also enjoys cooking as well as eating the food.

Join Christy's Women's Math Empowerment tutoring group! We meet twice every week during fall and spring semesters.

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