Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments can I schedule?

You may schedule one appointment for each class that we offer tutoring in each week (Monday through Thursday). If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you cannot schedule an appointment in the same week. If you do not show up twice, you will be unable to schedule. If you cancel an appointment, you will be able to schedule another appointment.

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Why do I need to select a class before reserving an appointment?

The Learning Center maintains records of which classes students are requesting tutoring sessions for. Also, an email is sent each week to the instructors to let them know that you are making the extra effort by attending tutoring sessions.

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How far in advance can I cancel tutoring and writing center appointments?

You may cancel up to two hours before your session starts. This time is needed to allow another student to use the time slot.

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How can I check my tutoring and/or writing center appointments?

Log in to myLakeland and access the "Learning Center/Writing Center" channel from the "Student" tab to schedule, view, and cancel your tutoring and/or writing center appointments.

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How should I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

For Tutoring bring your textbook, class notes / handouts, and syllabus. Attempt to complete homework PRIOR to tutoring session. Have read the textbook as assigned in class. Formulate specific questions.

For the Writing Center bring your assignments, readings, and any drafts of writing you may have done.

NOTE: Please be aware that tutoring is not a substitution for classroom instruction. You are required to attend class in order to be eligible for tutoring. We do not provide help on take home exams.

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