What is the Lakeland Placement Test?

Lakeland Community College requires placement testing in English and mathematics utilizing the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER placement test. It is an adaptive computer-based test which imposes no time constraints. Two exams are administered – reading and mathematics. Typically, both exams can be completed within one hour.

Students may be exempt from placement testing if they:

  • Present satisfactory ACT or SAT scores in English and mathematics.
  • Earned a degree from another accredited college or university.
  • Are a senior citizen taking classes on an AUDIT basis.
  • Register for classes as a transient student from another college or university.
  • Register for courses on an audit basis.
  • Transfer to Lakeland from another accredited college or university with at least 15 semester credits.
Test English/Writing Sub Score
Lakeland PlacementMinimum Placement in ENGL 1110
ACT18 (or higher)
SAT480 (or higher)

Placement test information

Scheduling a Placement Test

Students are encouraged to take the test early to avoid interruption in their academic endeavors at Lakeland. A hold will be placed on student accounts that will require completion of the placement exam prior to registration. In order to avoid the rush, students should plan to take the exam as soon as possible. A credit application must be on file in order to register for and to take the test.

Appointments are recommended. Walk-in testing is also available. Please call the Lakeland Test Center for availability. Lakeland students can reserve a seat in a scheduled session via myLakeland Schedule-It.

Schedule a Session:
Log in to myLakeland to review available session days & times and reserve a seat by clicking on the "Reserve" button.

College Credit Plus Students:
Click here to register for a Lakeland placement test.

Call the Test Center office with questions regarding scheduling the placement exam.

Preparing for the Placement Test

Need to prepare for the placement test? We can help!

prepare for the placement test

Testing Day

  • A photo ID is REQUIRED to gain entrance to the test.

For more information about placement testing contact one of the following offices:


Staging Enabled