Become a state tested nursing assistant in 8 weeks – no degree required!

If you need a job quickly, becoming a nursing assistant (STNA) may be right for you.

Great candidates for STNAs have the following qualities and talents:

  • Compassionate and understanding with a genuine concern for others, especially to assist with the aging process.
  • Dependable with a good-natured, cooperative attitude.
  • Professional in providing service to patients and co-workers.
  • Able to work on their feet and provide physical support to patients such as eating, dressing and using the toilet.
  • Knowledgeable about topics such as personal care, infection control, safety and emergency procedures, resident/patient rights, data collection and older adult growth.

Lakeland's nursing assisting students are then eligible to take the certification exam to become a State Tested Nursing Assistant, known as STNA.

What is an STNA?

What does an STNA do? Under the supervision of a registered nurse, an STNA provides a range of support services. Some STNA duties include monitoring patients, changing patient's bedding, helping patients move around, aiding patients with their meals, bathing and grooming patients and aiding nurses and doctors to set up for medical procedures.


State tested nursing assistants and certifiied nursing assistants are the same thing. In Ohio, we are called STNAs whereas other states may have a different naming convention. There is high deman in Ohio and in our local workforce for STNAs.

STNA Salary in Ohio

How much does an STNA make in Ohio? For the national salary averages and job outlooks, visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

How to become an STNA

Lakeland students can begin working in the field in just eight weeks! Students will earn their Lakeland Nursing Assistant Certificate with just three courses, while just one course is needed to prepare you to get a job in the field with the customer service and medical skills need to become an STNA.

STNA Requirements and Ceritification

Successful completion of our HLTH 1350 course (includes classroom, lab and clinical hours) will prepare you to sit for the Ohio Department of Health's Training Competency Evaluation Test to become an STNA.

Start Your Journey to Become an STNA in Ohio
  1. Contact our program coordinator to find out how to become a nursing assistant and start on your journey toward a career in a health care profession.


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