Policy Number: 3354:2-59-26
Title: Textbook Selection Policy
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 3/29/2018
Updated & Approved: 9/29/2022
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  1. Textbooks and other instructional materials are selected by the individual faculty member teaching the course section, though in some cases a departmental committee or a committee composed of faculty teaching a course may make the selection. Faculty members are responsible for selecting their own textbooks and instructional materials and providing timely, accurate information to the Bookstore through their Division Dean's Office. Division Deans will facilitate and ensure faculty and departments comply with this textbook selection policy.
  2. Faculty should strive to minimize the costs of textbooks and other instructional materials for students while maintaining the quality of education and academic freedom. To make textbooks more affordable, the Bookstore shall provide students and others with accurate course material information to allow students to pursue used, rental or electronic versions of textbooks.
  3. In the selection of textbooks and classroom materials, faculty members are encouraged to:
    1. Review and consider the adoption of open educational resources including cost-free, online textbooks and materials;
    2. Select required textbooks and other educational materials which allow for resale and reuse of the textbooks and materials;
    3. Contribute one complimentary copy, when possible, of a textbook from textbook publishers to the library reserves desk so that all students in the class may benefit from access to these resources;
    4. Strive to select textbooks and other course materials that comply with requirements for accessibility of the Americans with Disabilities Act, other applicable acts, and their implementing regulations; and
    5. Limit the use of new edition textbooks when previous editions do not significantly differ in a substantive way, as determined by the appropriate faculty, and when the Bookstore can ensure an adequate supply of the older edition books are available.
  4. Consistent with requirements in the federal "Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008" the College shall, to the maximum extent practicable, disclose required and recommended textbooks and course materials no later than the time at which students can first begin to register for a course. In accordance with HB 110 Section 733.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, if textbooks and/or course materials are not selected by the first day of class registration, then the faculty member is deemed to have selected identical materials (i.e. same title and edition) from the prior semester offering of the course.
  5. In the event that an instructor wishes to utilize a textbook or other material which is authored by the instructor and the sale of which results in a royalty being paid to the instructor, then such textbook/ material may only be required by the instructor if a majority of the other department faculty consent to the use of the textbook or material. In case of a tie vote, the Division Dean will cast the deciding vote. In instances where the faculty author is the only full-time faculty member within the department, the Division Dean must approve the use of the textbook or other material authored by the instructor. Sales of such items cannot be conducted directly between a faculty member and a student.
  6. Complimentary textbooks received by Lakeland faculty or employees because of employment at Lakeland, whether such books are solicited or unsolicited, shall not be sold.
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