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Lakeland's Honors Program offers opportunities to engage in new and exciting learning experiences at Lakeland Community College.

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The Honors Program at Lakeland offers leadership development and opportunities for service, travel and social activities while providing an excellent academic experience. Students can participate in honors-level course work, research and career development programming. Honors transfer partnerships allow for a smooth transition to a four-year institution; and generous honors scholarships provide financial incentives and support for all eligible students.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Lakeland Honors Program and Merit-based scholarships include:

  • Choose Ohio First for associate of science and nursing program (other COF scholarships also available for other disciplines)
  • Honors scholarship (all discipline)
  • Trustees scholarship
  • Speros Scholarship in science and health care

Learn more and apply for scholarships in myLakeland.

Research and Scholarship
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Unique opportunities in research and scholarship include:

Community and Service
community service
  • Annual beach clean up in celebration of Earth Day 
  • Lakeland veterans garden in collaboration with SVA
  • Alternative spring break
  • Social events and other community service
  • Travel
  • Building a network through engagement activities


Leadership Opportunities
  • Lakeland Honors Organization student club
  • Emerging Leaders program at Lakeland
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honors society and other discipline-specific honors societies
  • National Collegiate Honors Council


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