Discover Lakeland's Hispanic program!

Hispanic students at Lakeland reflect a variety of Spanish-speaking cultures and countries including North, Central and South Americas as well as Puerto Rico.

At Lakeland, all become joined together to reach one main goal: to get a college education!

If you are a Hispanic student thinking about going to college, here's why you should start education at Lakeland:

  • You will be guided by a mentor who speaks Spanish and understands your culture.
  • You will learn from college-educated, Hispanic professionals in the Lake County and Cleveland area.
  • We will help you learn about free tutoring and job search assistance.

Lakeland's Hispanic Program helps you get through the easy  - and tough – times in college.  You'll have a support system with peers who understand you and are going through similar experiences with being first in their families to come to college and, in most cases, growing up bilingual.

Another reason to go to Lakeland is to not just better yourself, but also your family. A college education will enrich your life, your family and community.

Yes, going to college is a commitment. But the time that it takes for you to get an education will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.

The Hispanic Program also oversees the Hispanic Club, which is the student-driven club that allows you to grow in your leadership and confidence. Contact the Hispanic Program Coordinator today!

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