Lakeland Community College's College Credit Plus Program (CCP) offers high school students the opportunity to enroll at Lakeland on a part-time or full-time basis, and earn college credit which may also be used to fulfill their high school graduation requirements.

The intent of the CCP program is to offer a broad range of college level classes which provide educational opportunities not typically available in high school. Admission into this program is open to students who have clearly demonstrated the ability to handle college-level coursework.

Criteria for Participation

Interested students and their parents should follow the 5 steps below to determine eligibility to participate in CCP.

  • Attend a high school CCP information session.
  • File a CCP application with Lakeland Community College.
  • Submit High School Transcripts
  • Register for COMPASS placement exam and place into college level English either through successful completion of the COMPASS exam or submission of acceptable ACT/SAT scores.
    **To participate in math courses through CCP, students must have successfully completed Algebra 2 and place into college-level math.
  • Attend a CCP new student orientation and registration session. Parents are required to attend with their child.
  • NEW for Home School and Nonpublic Students: Fill out the Funding Application for Home School Students (Instructions) or Nonpublic Students (Instructions). DUE JUNE 15