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High School Class Equivalency

CCP students can take Lakeland courses to fulfill their high school graduation requirements. Below is a list of popular classes.

Please note, students should meet with their high school guidance counselor to ensure they are meeting all of their high school graduation requirements.

High School Subject Lakeland Course
EnglishAny "ENGL" course
MathAny "MATH" course
ScienceAny "BIOL", "CHEM", "PHYS", "PSCI", or "GEOL" course or GEOG 1550 
Social StudiesAny "GEOG", "HIST", "SOCY", "PSYC", "ECON", or "POLS" course
GovernmentPOLS 1300
EconomicsECON 1150
HealthPEHR 1750
Physical EducationAny "PEHR" activity course (self pay)
Career SearchCOUN 1100
TechnologyITIS 1005 or ITIS 1007
Fine ArtsSee your high school guidance counselor
Foreign LanguageAny "SPAN", "FREN", or "ASLI" course 
Financial LiteracyFINN 1100
ElectivesAny "HUMX", "PHIL", "MUSC", "HLTH", "BUSM", or any other course (as long as prerequisites are met)

Popular CCP classes include:

  • ENGL 1110 – English Composition 1
  • ENGL 1120 – English Composition 2
  • MATH 1650 – College Algebra
  • MATH 1700 – Trigonometry
  • MATH 1550 – Statistics
  • COMM 1000 – Effective Public Speaking
  • POLS 1300 – US National Government
  • ECON 1150 – Principles of Economics
  • HUMX 1100 – Introduction to Humanities
  • SOCY 1150 – Principles of Sociology
  • PSYC 1500 – Introduction to Psychology
Textbook Information

The cost of textbooks is covered for CCP students attending public high schools and nonpublic high schools with CCP funding from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Home school CCP students are responsible for the cost of textbooks, even if they are awarded CCP funding from ODE. Self-pay CCP students are also responsible for the cost of textbooks.

Textbooks are rented using CCP funds and remain the property of Lakeland Community College. Students must return all textbooks at the end of each semester, or they will not receive textbooks for the following semester. No optional supplies, such as art supplies, cameras, film, study guides, calculators, etc. are covered under CCP.

Starting fall 2022 semester, CCP students taking classes at Lakeland, online or hybrid must come in-person to the Lakeland Bookstore during their normal operating hours, with a photo ID and a current copy of their schedule, to get their textbooks for the semester. The student must be present in order to get their books. A parent/guardian/sibling/etc. cannot get a student's textbooks for them. Generally, textbooks for CCP students will be available one week before classes start. Make sure to check your Lakeland student email for specific dates each semester.

Make sure to return your CCP textbooks each semester during finals week. You will not be able to get textbooks for the following semester until all other textbooks have been returned. There is a CCP textbook drop box located right outside the bookstore's doors by the ATM. Please write your name and Lakeland ID number on the CCP sticker on each book. If the sticker was removed, please include a sheet of paper with each textbook with your name, Lakeland ID number, and that they are CCP textbooks. You may also come in-store to return your textbooks during the bookstore's normal operating hours.

Students who drop a class must return textbooks purchased at the bookstore directly to the bookstore with their receipt in order to receive credit on their account. Students are responsible for damaged textbooks.

Student who are taking courses at their high school will not pick up the required textbook(s) from the bookstore. The textbooks for all courses taught at the high school will be distributed to the students at their high school. Students will return the textbooks to the instructor at the end of the semester.

CCP Credits

Public school students, that completed the Intent to Participate form with their high school, are allowed 30 credits per academic year, including their high school classes. Each full high school credit is 3 against the 30 allowed. For example, if you are in 3 high school credits, that would be 9 against the 30, making you eligibility for 21 CCP credits for the whole academic year. Course courses are, on average, 3 credits each, but they do range from 1 to 5 credits. Please see the chart below for the credit comparison. 

High School Credit College Credit
1 3-5
.67 2
.33 1

The Summer is the leading academic term, so students always start at 0 in the summer. To calculate your credits, you will use the formula below:

(_____x3)= _____+_____+_____+_____=_____
High School Classes x 3Summer CreditsFall CreditsSpring CreditsTotal Credits

If your total credits are above 30 (for public school students), you will be responsible for paying Lakeland for tuition, fees, and books. Lakeland cannot split the payment for a course, the student will be charged for the full course(s) that puts them over the allowed credits.

Students that go over their credits will receive a text message when their bill is ready to be paid. This usually happens in February/March of the Spring semester that they go over.   

Public school students that are in Career Technical Education (CTE) or Tech Prep Programs, typically, the CTE program counts as 3 high school credits, which would count as 9 against the 30 allowed for the academic year. Please check with your high school guidance counselor if you have questions.

Private school and homeschool students should review the "Homeschool and Non-Public School Students" webpage for questions regarding funding and credits.

If you have any questions, or need help calculating your credits, you can contact the Lakeland CCP office at

CCP Probation & CCP Dismissal

A CCP student is placed on CCP probation if they earn less than a cumulative 2.0 GPA in their CCP courses, or withdraw from 2 or more classes in the same semester. While on probation, a student may only take one CCP course for the semester (it cannot be a course they have previously earned a "D," "F," or "W" grade in already).

If a student that is on probation does not increase their CCP GPA to a 2.0 or above during the probation semester, they will be placed on CCP Dismissal. While on dismissal, a student cannot take any CCP courses. A student may submit an appeal to retake a course, or to reenter the program. All appeals are handled through the high school. If you have any questions, you can contact your high school guidance counselor.

Course Eligibility

CCP students can take any course as long as they meet the prerequisites, just like traditional college students. A prerequisite is a course that you must complete before taking another course. For example, you must take ENGL 1110 (English Composition 1) before being able to take ENGL 1120 (English Composition 2). Prerequisites make sure you are prepared for the material that will be covered in the course. Prerequisites are found for each course in the course description. There might be more than one course listed in the prerequisites. If you have any questions about prerequisites, you can contact the Lakeland CCP Office at

The first 15 credits a CCP student takes must be level 1 coursework. Click here to see Lakeland's level 1 course list. Level 1 courses are TAG and/or OTM courses, which are transferable.

Athletic Eligibility 

For information about athletic eligibility, go to the Guidelines for Student Athletic Eligibility Handout produced by The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).

Math Courses at Lakeland

CCP students must take Algebra 2 with their high school before being eligible for a "MATH" course at Lakeland.

Please see the Math and English placement summary handout for eligibility information.

High School Course Lakeland Course
Algebra 2MATH 0950 (self pay)
Pre-CalculusBoth MATH 1650 and MATH 1700
Calculus 1MATH 2500
Calculus 2MATH 2600
StatisticsMATH 1550
Math Elective CreditsMATH 1600, MATH 1040, MATH 1050, or any other "MATH" course


Weighted Courses & Grades

If your high school uses a weighted grading scale for Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors courses, CCP courses in the same subject will be weighted using the same scale. If you have any questions, you can contact your high school guidance counselor.

Grades that are earned in CCP courses show on both your high school and college transcripts.

Parent Resources
  • Helpful Links for Parents (ODHE)
  • Mature Content Permission Slip FAQ
    • Disclaimer: The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the college credit plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent or sexual nature that will not be modified based upon college credit plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs
AP Courses & Grades

Many students take both Advanced Placement (AP) and CCP courses. Find an AP and CCP comparison here.

Students typically need a 3 or higher on the AP test to receive college credit. Use the AP course reporting system to find out which credits you earned.





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