Procedure Number: HR20-73
Title: Communicable Disease
Date Approved: 3/21/95
Updated & Approved:
Related Policy 3354:2-20-73



  1. The communicable disease policy will be implemented using the following procedures:
    1. The decision to disclose an employee's or a student's health status is the prerogative of the individual who has a communicable disease or is a carrier of a communicable disease, unless required by law.
    2. The employee or student will decide whom to inform of his/her health status, how much information to reveal and when to reveal it.
    3. Disclosure of one's health status can be in writing or in face-to-face meetings.
    4. Upon disclosure by the employee or student of his/her health status, the College administration will provide reasonable accommodation as required by appropriate legislation and College Board Policy.
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