Procedure Number: BS45-01
Title: Facilities Scheduling
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved:
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Use of Lakeland facilities for activities other than regularly scheduled classes must be cleared through the Facilities Scheduling Office. All events must be fully described on a Use of Facilities application form. In cases of non-resolved conflicts, the Director of Institutional Communications will adjudicate.

  1. The following order of priorities will be maintained for scheduling purposes:
    1. Instructional credit courses
    2. Non-credit courses
    3. Student activities, intercollegiate athletics, college-sponsored recreational programs and college-sponsored community groups
    4. Other use of facilities
  2. Availability will be verified with academic scheduling before formally scheduling any event into a classroom or auditorium.
  3. Availability will be verified with the gymnasium manager before formally scheduling any event into a classroom or auditorium.
  4. Any campus-wide or major event will require administrative approval before being formally scheduled.
  5. A weekly list of all approved applications will be distributed to the proper areas. The list will indicate the organization planning to use the facility, the purpose, the facility, the time, and the areas of the event. Those departments directly involved will receive copies of the permit for facility use.
  6. The types of facilities available for scheduling are lecture halls, auditoriums and galleries , classrooms, cafeteria, parking lots, gymnasiums, athletic fields, conference rooms, the Performing Arts Center, and other areas of the college so designated as areas available for use.
  7. All assignable and useable space of the college including room capacities and area descriptions will be documented on the facilities inventory and kept up-to-date.
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