Outcomes & Performance

The mission of the physical sciences department at Lakeland is to foster student success by providing a high quality, active and diverse learning environment in physics, physical science and the geological sciences. We endeavor to provide a subject-centered learning environment that will challenge students to think critically, communicate clearly and use information effectively. Courses offered can be used to fulfill the science requirements for the Associate of Arts degree, the Associate of Science degree, various technical programs and the four-year transfer module.

woman observing nature stream

Upon successful completion of coursework, students will:
  1. Use an evidence-based scientific process to solve a variety of physics and geosciences problems.
    1. Identify or recognize a problem through careful observation.
    2. List possible reasons as to the potential causes of the problem.
    3. Select the proper equations, concepts or tests related to solving the problem.
    4. Use proper equations, concepts and tests in the proper sequence to solve the problem.
    5. Record and properly interpret the resulting data using the correct units of measurement.
    6. Solve the problem.
    7. Use scientific reasoning to descriptively and effectively communicate the results of the problem-solving process.
    8. Learn actively.

cracked and weather-damaged road

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