Lakeland Coral Reef Aquarium

Lakeland's coral reef aquarium serves biology, geology and chemistry students, as well as community members, in studying a complex marine ecosystem firsthand. Live ecosystems make for unique learning experiences in the physical sciences, allowing topics such as symbiosis, seawater chemistry, climate change and nutrient cycling to be directly observed and studied in real time during lecture and lab.

Deep Sea Discovery

The 200-gallon rimless tank contains over 50 species of sustainably grown coral from local farms and aqua-cultured base rock from the coasts of Florida. The tank also houses many other forms of marine life, including Mandarin gobies, urchins, starfish, sponges, shrimp and crabs.

anker's peppermint shrimppale anemonered ridged clinging crab

How to View the Aquarium

The aquarium is housed in Room A-3025 on Lakeland's campus, located at 7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland, Ohio 44094. Please contact us to schedule a personal viewing.

The tank has also been used to conduct classes from local primary and secondary school teachers through Partners in Science Excellence, a partnership between scientists, educators and the business community to improve, expand and promote science education in Northeast Ohio.

Updates and images of the species in the aquarium can be found any time on Lakeland's iNaturalist profile

banded porcelain crab

sea urchin

Staging Enabled