Lakeland Observatory

The Lakeland Observatory is housed on the roof of A-Building and is equipped with three telescopes:

  • Mounted 14-inch computerized Celestron Schmitt Cassegrain, equipped for deep sky and solar viewing
  • 8-inch Orion reflector, a portable scope for solar observation
  • Fully automated and backpack portable 4.5-inch EVScope

observatory telescope

Lakeland is a proud member of the SETI Institute's Unistellar College Astronomy Network (UCAN), an organization dedicated to helping teachers and students gain access to quality resources in science education. The program coordinates observations of important astronomical events as well as an exo-planet search program.

How to use Lakeland's Observatory

Use of Lakeland's Observatory is by appointment only and all guests must be accompanied by faculty from the physical sciences department. For general questions or to schedule a viewing, please contact us.

observatory outside view


Staging Enabled