Outcomes & Performance

The mission of Communication Studies at Lakeland is to strengthen students' informed, critical and analytical communication practices as collaborative members of a diverse, democratic society. The Department extends students' communicative competencies with respect to presentations and interpersonal encounters by fostering self-reflection, ethical advocacy and responsible actions.

Upon successful completion of coursework, students will:
  1. Describe and explain the communication process.
    1. Define the components of the communication process.
    2. Describe how the components of the communication process function in relation to each other.
    3. Explain how communicators create meaning through a communication transaction.
  2. Exhibit proficiency at developing, delivering and responding to messages.
    1. Develop effective messages in relation to specific audiences.
    2. Articulate ideas clearly and convincingly.
    3. Interpret messages from others accurately and respond effectively.
    4. Demonstrate how to adapt messages to maximize effectiveness and appropriateness.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to communicate ethically.
    1. Describe aspects of a credible communicator.
    2. Display behaviors to enhances one's credibility.
    3. Display sensitivity toward and respects for others.
    4. Apply ethical standards to communication practices.
  4. Display proficiency at gathering, synthesizing and evaluating information.
    1. Utilize research techniques to gather credible information.
    2. Evaluate information and sources using appropriate and accepted practices.
    3. Integrate information in a logical, useful and transparent manner.

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