The Student Engagement & Leadership department at Lakeland provides an opportunity to pursue personal or professional interests or talents through organized involvement with other students and faculty/staff Advisers. There are currently more than 30 active organizations. Student Engagement & Leadership will also assist in forming an organization to better accommodate your interests. You are encouraged to take an active role in campus life at Lakeland. From your involvement, you will develop skills in such areas as communication, organizational leadership, creative abilities and analytical skills, which will be valuable in both your personal and professional life. Membership in all organizations is open to any Lakeland student. The registration of a student organization shall not be construed as approval, endorsement or sponsorship by Lakeland Community College of the organization's publications, activities, purposes, actions or positions.

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Accounting Club

Co-Adviser: James Racic
Phone: 440.525.7189
Office: T-117

Co-Adviser: Nichole Dauenhauer
Phone: 440.525.7741
Office: T-157

The goal of the accounting club is to promote student awareness of the accounting profession, provide students with the opportunity to network with accounting professionals and promote the importance and desirability of a career in accounting.

Actively Caring for People

Co-Adviser: William Armstrong
Phone: 440.525.7415
Office: B-3051

Co-Adviser: Don Davis
Phone: 440.525.7833
Office: B-2052

The purpose of the Actively Caring for People is to cultivate a more compassionate and empathetic culture through acts of kindness at Lakeland Community College.

Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society (ADN)

Co-Adviser:Cheryl Goergen
Phone: 440.525.7309

Co-Adviser: Gina Marie McKee
Phone: 440.525.7179

ADN is the Honor Society for Associate Degree Nursing Students. To qualify for membership, a student must receive a B or above in all nursing courses, have maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA in all nursing courses, have maintained a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, and have demonstrated conduct that reflects integrity and professionalism on campus and in all clinical areas. Students meeting the eligibility requirements will be invited for consideration for induction in the third semester of the second year in the RN nursing program.

Active Society for Animation Preservation (ASAP)

Co-Adviser: Bonnie Prall

Co-Adviser: Jason Prall

The purpose of ASAP is to bring together students who are curious or enthusiastic about anime, cartoon, manga, comics, internet pop culture and Asian culture.

Black Student Union

Co-Adviser: Ken Sharkey
Phone: 440.525.7209
Office: A-1027

Co-Adviser: Deborah Hardy
Phone: 440.525.7446
Office: B-1053

The Black Student Union (BSU) advocates for cultural identity by encouraging scholarship, leadership, academic excellence and career exploration among black and minority students. The BSU fosters social consciousness, development and exploration of identity, culture and connections between student, faculty, staff and the Lakeland community.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Adviser: Christina Corsi
Phone: 440.525.7226
Office: S-237

CAB is responsible for bringing various social, educational and entertainment events to campus. CAB membership is open to any Lakeland student interested in planning programs such as the annual Halloween Bash and Spring Fling, movies, performers, and interactive events. CAB officers are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for their work. Stop by the CAB office in S-224 today! Also, find CAB on Facebook.

Campus Christians

Co-Adviser: Jeanette Brossmann
Phone: 440.525.7187
Office: C-2075

Co-Adviser: Karen Macdonald

Campus Christians provides the opportunity for students to share the gospel with others through bible studies, singing, praying, and sharing experiences with other Christians or seekers.

Construction Management Student Organization

Co-Adviser: Mike Hoffner
Phone: 440.525.7184
Office: T-151

Co-Adviser: Jason Ohlsson

The purpose of the construction management student organization is to: promote professional skills of those within the field, expose students to affiliate companies and accreditations, and strengthen students' professional image or portfolios. Students will gain experience, skills, create relationships, and be provided opportunities through extracurricular activities.

Early Childhood Education Club

Adviser: Cris Vanek
Phone: 440.525.7196
Office: L-01

Early Childhood Education Club is a voluntary student association that promotes pride and professionalism within the student body of the Early Childhood Education Program by providing opportunities to plan educational seminars, advocacy efforts, social events and fund-raising activities to benefit our students and the surrounding communities through student engagement.

Gamer's Guild

Gamer's Guild Email:

Co-Adviser: Carl Stitz
Phone: 440.525.7443
Office: B-3045

Co-Adviser: Joeseph Mastromatteo
Phone: 440.525.7443
Office: B-3039

The Gamer's Guild promotes responsible playing of organized role-playing and strategy games in an atmosphere of friendly and pleasant fellowship. No prior experience is needed to enjoy these activities or to become part of the Guild.

The Green Group

Co-Adviser: Lisa Lewins
Phone: 440.525.7339
Office: T-152

Co-Adviser: Cris Vanek
Phone: 440.525.7635
Office: L-24

The Green Group promotes environmental awareness and sustainability through educational and local outreach programs.

Hispanic Club

Adviser: Lissette Lopez Piepenburg
Phone: 440.525.7576
Office: B-2024

The Hispanic Club creates an environment in which its members can get together and learn the customs, share ethnic foods, and celebrate festivals and holidays of Latin countries and cultures.

International Student Club

Co-Adviser: Hyojin Jeong
Phone: 440.525.7448
Office: C-2080

Co-Adviser: Connie Sheykhany
Phone: 440.525.7166
Office: B-3036

The International Student Club allows students to socialize and learn customs, share food, and celebrate festivals and holidays of different countries.

Lake Effect Radio Station

Co-Adviser: Jesse Eastman
Phone: 440.525.7743
Office: U-109

Co-Adviser: Tim Pringey
Phone: 440.525.7748
Office: U-109

Lake Effect is Lakeland's closed-circuit, internet streaming radio station located in room S-215. It gives students firsthand experience in broadcasting, communications, event planning, marketing and networking. Applications are accepted each semester for DJ positions. Elections are held as needed for officer positions such as public relations, production and programming directors. View Lake Effect Radio's shows at

Lakeland Arts Collaborative

Adviser: Mitchell James
Phone: 440.525.7263
Office: B-2026

The Lakeland Arts Collaborative is a student-driven group that promotes interest in the arts such as poetry, fiction and live music through events and programs. They host Artageddon, a monthly arts fest at HIVE the last Friday of every month while classes are in session.

Lakeland Equality Alliance (LEA)

Co-Adviser: Susan Wadkowski
Phone: 440.525.7457
Office: B-3042

Co-Adviser: Michelle Smith
Phone: 440.525.7159
Office: B-2044

The Lakeland Equality Alliance (LEA) creates a positive environment at Lakeland Community College for students of all orientations who seek to promote equality and diversity on campus.

Lakeland Karate Club

Adviser: Larry Feldman
Phone: 440.525.7164
Office: AFC

The Karate Club provides guidance and training in the martial arts and promotes an interest in karate as a modern sport and physical fitness.

Lakeland Signers

Co-Adviser: Jeanette Brossmann
Phone: 440.525.7187
TTY: 440.525.7644
Office: C-2075

Co-Adviser: Jenine Mahendranath
Phone: 440.525.7193
Office: A-2130

Co-Adviser: Angie Battistone-Potosky
Phone: 440.525.7193
Office: A-2130

The Lakeland Signers provides skill building, networking, educational and outreach opportunities to students who are interested in American Sign Language and the deaf community.

Lakeland Student Government (LSG)

Adviser: Mario Petitti
Phone: 440.525.7328
Office: S-237

LSG is the representative body of the students of Lakeland. The board consists of nine members. LSG representatives participate in various decision-making committees on campus that are responsible for rules and regulations governing the entire college. LSG officers are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for their work. Stop by the LSG office in S-226 today! Also, find LSG on Facebook.

Lakeland Student Veterans of America

Co-Adviser: Dean Becker
Phone: 440.525.7241
Office: A-2

Co-Adviser: Greg Truhan
Phone: 440.525.7136

Co-Adviser: Daniel Winterich
Phone: 440.525.7519

The Lakeland Student Veterans of America Group assists veterans and their families by providing support and encouragement through the educational process.

The Lakelander (student-run publication)

Co-Adviser: James DeMonte
Phone: 440.525.7458
Office: C-2080

Co-Adviser: Tobin Terry
Phone: 440.525.7740

Read The Lakelander online here!

The Lakelander is the college's student-driven publication featuring literary and visual art as well as campus news and commentary. Students may submit creative work and news items to be included in this magazine-style, full-color publication.

Model UN/NATO Club of Lakeland Community College

Adviser: Christopher Skubby
Phone: 440.525.7161
Office: B-2029

The purpose of this student club is to learn about international relations and policies of foreign countries, and to prepare for conferences that model real United Nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings.

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society

Adviser: Carl Stitz
Phone: 440.525.7443
Office: B-3045

Mu Alpha Theta promotes scholarship, enjoyment and understanding of mathematics among high school or two-year college students. Students are eligible if they have had at least one mathematics course at or above the College Algebra/Precalculus level, and a 3.0 cumulative GPA in all two-year college courses and a "B" or better in all mathematics courses at or above the College Algebra/Precalculus level.

Paralegal Association

Adviser: Rebecca Gabriel
Phone: 440.525.7352
Office: T-155

The Paralegal Association strives to promote and expand interests and opportunities in the legal field for paralegals and paralegal students at Lakeland.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)

Co-Adviser: Matthew Hiner
Phone: 440.525.7545
Office: B-2039

Co-Adviser: Andrea Musial
Phone: 440.525.7158
Office: B-3047

Co-Adviser: James Dailey
Phone: 440.525.7533
Office: B-2026

PTK provides opportunities for members to participate in leadership, scholarly and social functions, as well as provide service to their college and community. To qualify, a student must have accumulated at least 12 credit hours at Lakeland and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5. Letters of invitation to join PTK are sent to students who meet the requirements listed above at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

The Science Club

Co-Adviser: David Pierce
Phone: 440.525.7341
Office: B-3041

Co-Adviser: Marty Shingler
Phone: 440.525.7293
Office: T-110

The Science Club's primary purpose will be to increase interest in science both from students and surrounding community members in the various activities that Lakeland Community College has to offer.

Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society (SKD)

Co-Adviser: Gretchen Frank
Phone: 440.525.7249
Office: B-2040

Co-Adviser: Natalie Hopper
Phone: 440.525.7212
Office: C-2083

SKD is the national honor society for students of English at two-year colleges.To qualify for membership, a student must complete a minimum of one non-developmental college English course, receive a B or above in all Englishcourses, have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA, and complete at least one semester of college coursework.

SkillsUSA Club

Co-Adviser: Suzanne Baker
Phone: 440.525.7265
Office: C-1001M

Co-Adviser: Melinda O'Connor

The purpose of the SkillsUSA club shall be to serve members by preparing for technical, skilled and service occupation careers, by developing their occupational, academic, leadership and employability skills.

Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association

Co-Adviser: Kimberly Boncha
Phone: 440.525.7180

Co-Adviser: Kimberly Moore
Phone: 440.525.7829

Co-Adviser: Maryanne Zavarella
Phone: 440.525.7188

The Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (SADHA) cultivates, promotes and sustains the art and science of dental hygiene.

Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

Co-Adviser: Clotilde Dwyer
Phone: 440.525.7792

Co-Adviser: Peter Orr
Phone: 440.525.7308

The Student Nurses' Association works to promote responsible participation of nursing students in college and community activities, especially those related to nursing. SNA acts as Lakeland's representative body in local, state and national student nursing organizations.

Student Parent Association

Co-Adviser: Cris Vanek
Phone: 440.525.7196
Office: L-02

Co-Adviser: Gloria Lane
Phone: 440.525.7322
Office: C-1076

The purpose of the Student Parent Association is to create a campus community for student-parents that promotes awareness of the Lakeland organizations and community resources available to them. The group will encourage and promote understanding of the student-parent experience to Lakeland staff, faculty and administration.

Student Radiologic Technology Association

Adviser: Tina Barnauskas
Phone: 440.525.7319

The Student Radiologic Technology Association promotes student interest and awareness in local, state and national radiography associations.

Student Respiratory Therapy Association

Adviser: Cathie Kenny
Phone: 440.525.7343

The Student Respiratory Therapy Association promotes responsible participation of Respiratory Therapy students in college and community activities related to the respiratory care field.

Student Surgical Technologist Association

Adviser: Janice Lawrenz
Phone: 440.525.7016

The Student Surgical Technologist Association provides college and community awareness of the educational standards and the scope of practice of a surgical technologist.


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