Procedure Number: HR20-53
Title: Sick Leave and Personal Leave
Date Approved: 10/22/96
Updated & Approved:
Related Policy 3354:2-20-53



  1. For Absence of Less Than Five Consecutive Working Days
    1. Notification by the employee to the supervisor or designee prior to the scheduled start of the work shift or, in the event this is not possible, immediately thereafter is required.
    2. Employees exhibiting a pattern of excessive and/or unwarranted absenteeism or failing to provide appropriate notification will be subject to corrective action and/or required to provide a physician's certification of the need to be away from work for the absence in question and/or future absences.
  2. For Absence of Five or More Consecutive Working Days
    1. Written request for sick leave of greater than five consecutive working days shall be submitted in advance or, in the event this is not possible, immediately thereafter, to the supervisor of record on a form provided by the Human Resources Department.
      1. The request must be accompanied by a physician's statement certifying the need for the leave and the amount of time required to be away from work.
    2. The Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action will be responsible for determining the eligibility of: (1) non-continuing staff for a leave; (2) full-time employees for a continuation of college-paid benefits and the appropriate number of weeks during which these will be provided in accordance with the eligibility requirements set forth in Board Policy 3354:2-20-53.
    3. Employees on long-term medical leave of absence will be compensated through a reduction of accrued benefit time beginning with compensatory time and continuing with personal, sick and vacation time.
      1. Employees may designate, on the Leave of Absence form, the number of hours (not to exceed 80) of sick and/or vacation time he/she wishes to retain for use upon return.
      2. It shall be the responsibility of the Payroll Department to notify the Human Resources Department when an employee is within one pay period of exhausting all accrued time he/she is eligible to/wishes to use.
    4. Employees may continue health, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance coverages at their own expense during the unpaid portion of an approved leave for which the college is not required to provide benefits as mandated by the Family Medical Leave Act.
      1. Written notification of the discontinuation of college-paid benefits and the options available for continuing coverage will be provided by the Human Resources Department within fourteen days of the employee losing eligibility for coverage.
  3. Advance of Sick Leave
    1. Continuing status staff employees and administrators and supervisory/ professionals on continuing contracts (or a probationary contract which has been renewed)
      1. Upon exhaustion of all accumulated benefit time and a continuing documented and severe circumstance of long-term illness or disability precluding immediate return to work, an eligible employee may request the President to authorize the advance of up to 15 days (120 hours for full-time employees and a prorated number of hours for part-time employees) of paid sick leave to the employee.
      2. The limits, terms, and conditions of an advance will be specified in a binding written agreement prior to the effective date of the advance.
      3. Only one advance shall be granted to an employee in a twelve-month period and no advance shall be granted prior to the complete repayment of a previous advance.
      4. In the event an employee who has received an advance does not return from the leave of absence for a period of at least one year, the college will institute collection procedures to recover the difference between the hours paid and the hours repaid to the college.
  4. Return to Work
    1. Employees must present medical certification of their ability to return to work without risk of harm to themselves or co-workers which includes acknowledgement of any accommodations being requested of the college.
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