Why Our Donors Give: Donor Spotlight

Mary Jo and Don Dailey

 "Mary Jo and I see great wisdom in the old adage: ‘GIVE a man a fish and he will eat for a day. TEACH a man HOW to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.

"We deeply believe in the value of education, and much of our volunteer work and charitable giving focuses on quality, values-driven high school and collegiate programs. We have always been so inspired by the courage and persistence of our Lakeland students who often face great obstacles and challenges to starting and/or completing their studies at the College. Yet the knowledge and skills gained at Lakeland are vital to their future success and happiness, particularly in today's complex and technically advanced marketplace. As such, anytime we can help students reduce or eliminate barriers to their educational journey, we feel privileged to help. Bottom line: our entire community grows stronger and more resilient each time a Lakeland graduate receives their certificate or degree from Lakeland. GO LAKERS!"


Kip and Patricia Molenaar

 "My wife, Patricia, who passed away a few years ago, was there at the very beginning of Lakeland.  She worked on the Levy campaign that started Lakeland and was in the first full graduating class in 1969.  The degree she received helped her become a Senior Computer Programmer in the Engineering Department at Bailey Controls.  She always wanted to give to organizations that helped people and the Lakeland Foundation was the perfect organization. She and I know how important an education is and how an educated community is good for all.

"When I worked as a staff accountant for Lakeland in the late seventies, part of my job was to account for the monies in the Endowment and Scholarship Funds and also work closely with the Finance Aid Office.  I saw a larger number of students who did not qualify for Federal or State grants but still needed financial help.  Therefore, we established an endowment fund that feeds a scholarship fund for those students that ‘fell through the cracks,' so to speak, so they can achieve their educational goals.

"It is good to give back! You can establish your own scholarship, as we did, or donate to the Lakeland Foundation General Scholarship Fund."


 Donate to the "Greatest Need" FundDonate to the "Greatest Need" Fund

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