Remote learning and support services will continue through Summer 2020. [ SEE COVID-19 UPDATES. ]


Ka-Pi Hoh, Ph.D., Chair
Jason Wuliger, Vice Chair
Tina L. Barnauskas
Thomas W. Benda
Morris W. Beverage, Jr., E.D.M.
William M. Bowers
Brent M. Buckley
Richard D. Cicero
Peter B. Clausen
Donald J. Dailey
Alice Demeter
Dale H. Fellows
Deborah B. Friedman, M.D.
Joanne Fulton
Maha Gemayel
Noreen Koppelman-Goldstein
Nancy L. Guthrie
Christopher D. Hess
Valissa Turner Howard
Richard J. Iafelice
Leslie S. Johns, Esq.
Nicole McKinney-Johnson, M.B.A.
David A. Kalina
Joseph R. (Randy) Klammer
John H. Langer
Kathleen T. (Kay) Malec, D.A.E.
Kip L. Molenaar
Rick Osborne, Jr.
John Paganini
Kenneth J. Quiggle
Howard S. Rabb
Mark R. Ruth
Nancy Brunner Sanden
Alyson Scott
Jon J. Snyder
Dede Storer
Louise Sullivan
Janis Thiedemann
Brendon J. Tripodo
Dr. Steven Tsengas
Gregory G. Young, D.P.M.
Wendy F. Zele 

Richard L. Urbanowski

Greg Sanders
Michael E. Mayher
Dawn Plante

"The Lakeland Foundation is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the programs we fund for our students, the activities we support across the campus and community, and in our own governance policies and practices. Our Foundation Board of Directors plays a leading role for extending diversity and inclusion in its own work, ensuring it also represents the various people, communities, and stakeholder groups served by the Foundation."

Please click here for our complete Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.

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