Lakeland's Veteran Support Program assists those who have served in the United States armed forces and those currently serving, as well as military family members, in making a smooth and successful transition to college. Once students have applied and registered for classes, they can enjoy all the resources available and connect with other student veterans on campus. Some of Lakeland's special veterans services include:

 Veteran's Lounge
  • Veterans lounge in room E-117 is equipped with computers, printers, snacks, couches and other amenities where student veterans can gather in private any time.
  • Military transcript evaluation.
  • Transition assistance.
  • Priority registration so student veterans can register early for the classes they need.
  • Student Accommodation Center for disabled veterans.
  • Career services.
  • Laketran public transportation pass.
  • And many more educational and on-campus services for student veterans.

Lakeland maintains a task force comprised of faculty and staff who are familiar with the specific challenges affecting veterans. Lakeland's staff knows the unique challenges faced by student veterans, and is here to support educational, career, family and emergency needs.

Contact our Veterans Program Coordinator any time with questions or comments.

Lakeland Community College is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) consortium. It adheres to Ohio's GI Promise, and accepts military transcripts for college credit.

Lakeland Student Veterans of America

Lakeland Community College hosts the student club, Lakeland SVA - a chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA)

The Lakeland SVA is a student organization open to veterans and non-veteran allies and advocates. The SVA participates in various events and fund raisers throughout the year, including:

  • Connect with other military, veterans, and dependents who are students.
  • Family activities.
  • SVA scholarship awards.



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