Lakeland's Veterans Services department is here to help student veterans take advantage of the educational benefits that are available. From dealing with the VA, to applying to Lakeland, to registering for classes and completing a degree, Lakeland can help you every step of the way.

Student Veteran Checklist

Please contact the Veterans Benefits Certifying Specialist with any questions during this process.

  1. Schedule an appointment with Lakeland's Veterans Benefits Certifying Specialist for assistance with educational benefits and certification. Please provide a DD-214 #4.
  2. Apply to Lakeland at
  3. Apply for VA educational benefits at
  4. Request official transcripts from high school or GED, all previously attended colleges and military service to be sent directly to Lakeland's Admissions Office.
  5. Take the placement test. Log in to myLakeland and find the Schedule It app to schedule testing.
  6. New freshman students must schedule a New Student Orientation Session. Transfer students must schedule a counseling appointment.
  7. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to evaluate prior college credit and develop a plan to earn a degree.
  8. Register for classes that are required for the declaired degree program. Priority registration is available for student veterans.
  9. Submit Veterans Registration Reporting form (VRR) to the Veterans Services office in A-1001 for certification.
  10. Apply for financial aid at or contact Lakeland's Financial Aid department for assistance. Lakeland's school code is 006804.

Call the VA (1.888.442.4551) to check the status of educational benefits. Please allow two weeks before calling after claims are submitted.

Click here for more helpful information, including health benefits, local, state and federal resources for veterans.

G.I. Bill Benefits

Did you know Lakeland student veterans are eligible for both G.I. Bill benefits and financial aid? Follow the steps below and file a FAFSA to take advantage of additional financial aid. Contact Lakeland's Financial Aid department for assistance on FAFSA filing.

Required Monthly Attendance Verification

*Note: if enrollment changes during the term, notify Lakeland's Veteran's Benefits Certifying Speicalist and report changes to the VA at 1.888.442.4551 or on WAVE.

  • Visit the WAVE websit and register.
    1. Chapters 30, 1606 and 1607 are required to self-certify enrollment.
    2. To self-certify, call the automated system at 1.877.823.2378 or speak with a VA representative at 1.888.442.4551.
    3. Students must self-certify the last day of every month or the last day of the term.
    4. Update any address or direct deposit information with the VA at 1.888.442.4551 or in the WAVE account. Please keep Lakeland and the VA informed of any address updates.
How to Maintain G.I. Bill Benefits and Financial Aid at Lakeland
  • Submit the Veterans Registration Reporting Form every semester for enrollment certification and return to Lakeland's Veterans Services office. Forms are available at the Lakeland Student Service Center or can be printed online.
  • Attend classes. Students not attending class must complete and submit a schedule change form to the Student Service Center on or before the withdrawl deadline and notify the Lakeland Veterans Benefits Certifying Specialist of any changes.
  • Maintain Lakeland's academic standards of satisfactory attendance, conduct and progress. See the Lakeland Student Handbook for details.
  • Non-attendance grades (AW - Administrative Withdraw) must be reported to the VA. The student may be required to reimburse the VA for all funds received. VA debt management will send notification to the student if this is the case.
  • Create a tuition payment plan through myLakeland. Contact Lakeland's Controller office for more details on tuition payment.
Payable vs. Non-payable Courses
  • Payable courses are only those courses required for degree program(s) and will be payable through G.I. Bill benefits. Consult a Lakeland counselor to ensure this standard is met.
  • Non-payable courses include:
    • Repeated courses in which a passing grade or prior credit was received.
    • Online remedial classes (hybrid classes are considered online)
    • Classes required for a program at another college, if the student is not enrolled at that college. Contact Lakeland's Veterans Services for more details.

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