Below are select college policies and procedures. Hard copies are also available by contacting the Student Development Office.

College Policies & Procedures
Academic Standards

Policy:  3354:2-47-02

Procedure:  IS47-02

A student is placed on academic probation when his/her grade point average falls below minimum standards established by the college.

FERPA Policy for the Confidentiality and Review of Student Records

Policy:  3354:2-63-01

Procedure:  SS63-01

The linked statement is the college's policy and procedure on students' rights to review their educational records and the confidentiality of these records in accordance with the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99). The college will provide notice of this policy to each eligible student at the beginning of each term.

The college designates the Director of Admissions/Registrar as the FERPA Coordinator.

Student Conduct Code

Policy:  3354:2-61-01

Procedure:  SS61-01

The Board of Trustees of Lakeland Community College requires that the conduct of students be of an honest, responsible and appropriate nature so as to permit the college to properly pursue its educational objectives and programs. Academic integrity is the foundation of our institution as honesty, the basic component of trust, is essential to both individual and institutional integrity. Lakeland Community College has set forth certain behaviors as violating academic honesty and appropriate standards of student conduct and, thus, potentially diminishing Lakeland's integrity, reputation for academic quality, and ability to function as an academic community.

Student Initiated Complaint

Procedure:  SS61-02B

A student may utilize this procedure if he/she has been unable to resolve a concern or disagreement with a college department, a Lakeland faculty member, administrator, supervisory/professional, or staff employee.

Student Initiated Course Grade Change

Procedure: IS47-03

A student may utilize this procedure if he/she has a dispute regarding a course grade.

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Procedure: HR20-74A

Related Policies: 3354:2-20-02, 3354:2-20-74, SS61-01, SS61-10

This procedure applies to alleged sexual harassment or sexual misconduct that takes place on College property or in connection with any activity sponsored, conducted, or authorized by the college or by a recognized student organization, regardless of the location of the activity.

This procedure may also apply to alleged sexual harassment or sexual misconduct that occurs off-campus when the Title IX Coordinator determines that the alleged off-campus conduct could reasonably create a hostile environment or a continuing adverse effect on campus, or where the sexual harassment or sexual misconduct undermines the security of the College community or the integrity of the educational process.

The Title IX Coordinator for Lakeland Community College is the Director for Human Resources:

Megan Swerbinsky
7700 Clocktower Drive, Suite C-2103

Additional Polices & Procedures

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Anti-hazing Report

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