Jobs in cybersecurity are in demand, and Lakeland's programs are designed specifically to meet workforce needs. Degrees and certificates are available in both cybersecurity and Cisco network security.

Scholarships are also available! Lakeland's Choose Ohio First Cybersecurity scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that will award a minimum of $1500 per student per year up to $5000 per student per year.


A needs analysis was recently performed which showed the demand for a cybersecurity program at Lakeland Community College. There were over 500 job postings in this field in one year in the Cleveland region. Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on jobs pertaining to information security analysts indicates a 28 percent growth in this area through 2026, which is faster than average.

  • Associate of Applied Business Cybersecurity Concentration
  • IT Professional Certificate with Cybersecurity Focus
Cisco network security

Network security protects the usability and integrity of networks and data, including both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security aims to manage access to a network by targeting a variety of threats and stopping them from entering or spreading on a network. Digitization has changed how we live, work and learn. Every organization needs security to help protect information for customers and employees.

  • Associate of Applied Science Cisco Network Security Concentration
  • Cisco Network Security Certificate

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