Procedure Number: IS57-25
Title: Guided Studies Procedure
Date Approved: 3/7/00
Updated & Approved: 10/10/05
Related Policy 3354:2-57-25



  1. Lakeland's guided studies program has been created to formally provide faculty and students with an opportunity to pursue interests not normally available in a two-year community college curriculum. Primary to this program is recognition of the intrinsic value of individuals and groups participating in relevant learning experiences. Furthermore, its fundamental concept would be violated should students or teachers participate in this program for reasons other than the joy of learning.
  2. Specifically, the guided studies program provides students individually or in groups with the opportunity to encounter a special interest topic in depth. It is the intent of the program that any one project shall not exceed more than three credit hours. Students may apply a maximum of six credit hours toward an associate degree program. Students must also have completed at least 30 credit hours of study prior to entering the program.
  3. Proposals should be submitted in a timely fashion to the Guided Studies Committee through the Executive Vice President and Provost's office. Normally this would be at least three weeks before the academic term in which the proposed project would take place.
Staging Enabled