Procedure Number: CP71-03
Title: Earthquake Procedures
Date Approved: 10/6/98
Updated & Approved:
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  1. If an earthquake occurs, take cover immediately to protect yourself from injury. Crouch under the nearest heavy table, desk, bench or machine. Know in advance where available cover is located in your area.
  2. Inside doorways, under reinforced sills, or next to heavy upright beams, are examples of safer areas. Avoid areas under glass skylights or near glass windows.
  3. Know what may fall or tip in your work area - and stay clear of them. Never double-stack chemicals or other hazardous, dangerous or heavy items.
  4. Do not run from the building during an earthquake. Most injuries and fatalities occur outside from flying debris, falling objects, downed high voltage wires, panic-related falls, etc.
  5. Stay put until the tremor is over. Remain as calm as possible. Don't panic. Take a "head count" and check for injuries. Give first aid treatment at once. Report injuries and damage to the Campus Police Department (911) or send a messenger.
  6. Remain in your work area and give assistance in recovery until it is safe to leave or until you receive other instructions from the Campus Police
  7. If fire breaks out, call 911 at once and pull the closest fire alarm. Shut down all electrical equipment, close all doors and windows, secure your work area, and evacuate the building in a calm and orderly manner. Do not use elevators. Go to a point 150 feet from the building. Await instructions from Campus Police.
  8. In the event of an audible fire alarm (ringing bell, siren, or horn), report it to the Campus Police at once by telephone or messenger. Evacuate the building in a calm and orderly manner. Do not use elevators. Go to a point 150 feet from the building and await instructions from a police or fire officer.
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