Here's how the Women's Center can support you!
  • The Women's Center is a place where women gather for support, acceptance and help. The staff strives to help women establish a sense of community while on campus, so you are surrounded by support as you achieve your academic goals.
  • The Women's Center is open to all women, including nontraditional ages, women who've had a break since last attending school, older women who have never attended college, women who are mothers (single and married), and women seeking a new direction or a second chance.
  • This is a drop-in center - no appointment is needed. Women can drop in any time with questions and concerns, or things you don't understand about the college experience.
  • You can join the Women's Center Learning Community by participating in our activities, attending events, using our resources, or by joining programs like SMART.
  • Women can make connections with other women who share the same goals for a better future. You can attend workshops and activities designed to help you get the most out of your education and learn about all the resources available on campus and in the community.
  • The Women's Center is equipped to help you navigate all the obstacles that can get in the way of your education. Talk to us if you need support and ideas to solve your problems so that you can stay in school.
  • We are your biggest cheerleaders, and we make every effort to offer a sense of community to our Lakeland students. Along those lines, we always have free coffee, snacks, and a great space for studying or even just hanging out. Come visit us in A-2110 to check out all we have to offer you!


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