Woman of Achievement Awards

To celebrate women's history month, the Woman of Achievement awards have been presented in March, every year since 1993.

This award is not a traditional achievement award. There are many awards that go to the person who did the biggest job, the most work or got the highest score. This award is not necessarily about that. At its core, this award is about women helping women, which is a deep value of the Lakeland Women's Center. When we receive nominations, we don't ask if this person is well-known or how wide their accomplishments are. We look to see if they have done what is before them. Did they answer the call that pulled at their heart? Did they bloom where they were planted? If so, they can be considered for the award.

In 2021, our award ceremony was postponed for the first time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, in 2022, we selected the theme, "Leading With Light." Using this topic, we seek to honor those women who are shining their light into one of the darkest times in history, showing us ways to move forward and offering us hope. 

In addition to our extraordinarily talented and compassionate award recipients, an exciting part of the program is the art. Rather than present the recipients with a plaque or certificate, we commission a local female artist to create a representative and unique piece of artwork, which is presented to each woman at a public ceremony.

The important contributions each recipient has made demonstrate their ability to inspire others and their desire to support women. We honor them, and extend our special thanks for their efforts within our community.

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