State Authorization

NC-SARA Ohio became an approved SARA state as of March 2, 2015. Lakeland Community College is a participate of the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) and must comply with a state's regulations before any educational activity can occur within that state. The regulations determine whether or not Lakeland Community College in Ohio may offer you a course or program. The range of educational activities regulated includes offering 100% online courses and programs to online and/or campus-based courses that include activities such as clinical placements, co-ops, field experiences, internships and student teaching.

Since Lakeland Community College became a NC-SARA institution, students from NC-SARA approved states can enroll in online degree programs and certificates from other NC-SARA approved states.

Out-of-State Students 

The online courses and programs at Lakeland Community College are available to students in all of the NC-SARA states. If you reside in Northern Mariana Islands, or plan to enroll in Lakeland classes from that location, please check with the program director to see if they include internships, field experiences, student teaching, and/or clinical placements.

If you are taking an online course leading to a professional licensure, check with the appropriate licensing board in your state to verify that the course and/or program meets the requirement for licensure.

NC-SARA members as of February 20, 2019 are highlighted in blue on the NC-SARA map.

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