Is Online Learning Right for Me?

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Technology Required for eLearning

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Online Classes

In the online course, the majority of interactions between students and instructors are typically asynchronous - that is they occur when the instructor and student are not in the same place at the same time.

Although online learning allows for increased flexibility, it also requires a certain level of self-discipline and self-motivation on the part of the learner.  Online learners must allocate time each week for course work, and then stick to the schedule will help with student success.

Online learners possess good reading and comprehension skills, as most online courses require significant reading and writing for completing assignments and communication with the instructor and other students.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid courses - also referred to as "blended" courses - are a mixture of the virtual (online) and face-to-face classrooms. Hybrid courses typically require less time in the classroom than the traditional lecture-based course. 

However, it is important to keep in mind more time must be devoted to activities to be completed online.

Students who prefer some face-to-face time but whose schedules require more flexibility may benefit from enrolling in the hybrid course option.


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