The mission of the music department is to provide a learning environment that fosters musically aesthetic literacy and expressive capability through the cultivation of musical techniques and skills and the exploration of creative traditions and possibilities.

Upon successful completion of music coursework, students will:

  1. Describe the features of a live or recorded musical performance that distinguish it from other pieces of music.
    1. Students will identify the instrumental/vocal techniques used.
    2. Students will identify the compositional/improvisational techniques used.
    3. Student will describe the melodic, harmonic, or formal structures of a musical piece.
    4. Students will describe the significant rhythmic patterns of a musical piece.
  2. Explain the historical, social, and cultural context of a musical work.
    1. Students will identify the historical era of a given composition.
    2. Students will explain the social setting appropriate for a given composition.
    3. Students will explain the relationship of a musical style/form/technology to its cultural and physical environment.


Staging Enabled