Founded in 2023, The Lakeland Institute is a 501c3 dedicated to enhancing the small business, nonprofit and public service sectors in Northeast Ohio.


The mission of the Lakeland Institute is to educate and strengthen nonprofits, small businesses, and government relations in our community. The Lakeland Institute is a fast-track educational center devoted to providing the highest quality education, research, facilitation and consulting in nonprofit, entrepreneurship and government & public affairs in support of the mission of Lakeland Community College.


Our purpose is to enhance small business, nonprofits and the public service sector, making them stronger by drawing upon expertise within the college and the community. These collaborations enable the Institute to maximize its effectiveness and use of resources to include areas such as: fundraising, strategic design, thinking and growth, marketing and leadership for nonprofit; management, finance, sales, total quality, and access to capital and talent acquisition and retention for entrepreneurs.  In Government Relations, provide education in areas such as: how to select a great staff, budget management, onboarding, and working with local, state, and national government.

The Lakeland Institute will also provide a forum for analysis and critical thinking about issues of importance to the community at large. We will do this by convening interested parties, serving as a conduit for research and public conversations, and collaboratively help educate the community with the goals of economic empowerment, and improving the quality of life for all members of our local communities and counties.

The Lakeland Institute houses the nonprofit collaborative, the public service collaborative and the entrepreneurship & workforce development collaborative. Each of these are guided by an advisory board of local professionals and provide a variety of educational opportunities, consulting and resources in their respective industries.

Nonprofit Collaborative

The nonprofit collaborative seeks to enhance the capacity of nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio.

Nonprofit collaborative

Public Service Collaborative

The public service collaborative focuses on both narrow and region wide activities that can create greater collaboration, improve efficiencies and effectiveness and embrace conversations and research.

Public service collaborative

Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development Collaborative

The entrepreneurship & workforce development collaborative serves as a resource for small and growing businesses and those who want to start a business. The center works closely with the business community to develop programs to meet their workforce needs now and plan for the future.

Entrepreneurship & workforce development collaborative


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