What is College Credit via Articulation

An articulation agreement is a formal contract between Lakeland Community College and a secondary school which sets forth all the terms and conditions of a Tech Prep program at both the high school and college levels. Among the many items addressed are:

  • Entrance requirements and program standards at both high school and college.
  • Courses for which students may earn college credit while they are still in high school.
  • Courses a Tech Prep student may "by pass" in college.

Many other items are addressed to assure a smooth pathway for Tech Prep students. Articulation agreements are periodically reviewed and changed or modified as needed. Copies of articulation agreements for each Tech Prep pathway are available for review below or in the Lakeland Tech Prep Consortium office at Lakeland Community College.

Program LocationProgram Name  
A-TECHBuilding Maintenance Technology201520162017
A-TECHBusiness Technology201520162017
A-TECHComputer Information Systems201520162017
A-TECHComputers, Networking and Electronics Technology201520162017
A-TECHDesign Drafting201520162017
A-TECHEarly Childhood Education201520162017
A-TECHGraphic Communications201520162017
A-TECHHealth Care Academy for Dental Assisting201520162017
A-TECHHealth Care Academy for Nursing Assisting201520162017
A-TECHHealth Care Academy for Pharmacy Assisting201520162017
A-TECHMedical Office Specialist201520162017
Grand Valley High SchoolMultimedia201520162017
Lakeside High SchoolMultimedia201520162017
Pymatuning Valley High SchoolMultimedia201520162017
A-TECHPrecision Machining201520162017
A-TECHPublic Safety Academy for Criminal Justice201520162017
A-TECHPublic Safety Academy for EMT201520162017
A-TECHPublic Safety Academy for Firefighting201520162017


Auburn Career Center  
Program LocationProgram Name  
Auburn Career CenterAdvanced Manufacturing201520162017
Auburn Career CenterAllied Health Technology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterArchitecture & Project Management201520162017
Auburn Career CenterBusiness Management Technology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterComputer Network Technology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterConstruction Technology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterCosmetology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterElectrical Engineering Prep201520162017
Auburn Career CenterEmergency Medical Services201520162017
Auburn Career CenterHeating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning201520162017
Auburn Career CenterIndustrial Maintenance 2016 
Auburn Career CenterInformation Support & Services201520162017
Auburn Career CenterInteractive Multimedia Technology201520162017
Auburn Career CenterInternet Programming & Development201520162017
Auburn Career CenterMaintenance and Environmental Services2015 2017
Auburn Career CenterPatient Care Technician201520162017
Auburn Career CenterSports Medicine201520162017
Auburn Career CenterTeaching Professions Pathway201520162017
Auburn Career CenterWelding201520162017


Lake Shore Compact  
Program LocationProgram Name  
W-E Career AcademyAllied Health201520162017
W-E Career AcademyBusiness Academy 20162017
Lakeland Community CollegeCAD/Engineering Technology201520162017
Euclid High SchoolCISCO201520162017
Euclid High SchoolComputer Information Systems2015 2017
Lakeland Community CollegeComputer Information Systems201520162017
Lakeland Community CollegeConstruction Management201520162017
Lakeland Community CollegeCNC Manufacturing201520162017
Brush High SchoolCosmetology2015 2017
W-E Career AcademyCosmetology 20162017
Euclid High SchoolCriminal Justice201520162017
Mentor High SchoolEarly Childhood Education201520162017
W-E Career AcademyHealth Informatics201520162017
Lakeland Community CollegeInformation Technology Services201520162017
Mentor High SchoolInteractive Media201520162017
Mentor High SchoolMarketing & Business Administration 20162017
W-E Technical CenterMedical Assisting201520162017
Euclid High SchoolMobile Apps & Digital Development20152016 
North Technical CenterProduction Welding201520162017
W-E Career AcademyTravel Tourism & Hotel Mangement 20162017
Euclid High SchoolVisual Communications201520162017
W-E Technical CenterWelding201520162017


Mayfield EXCEL TECC  
Program LocationProgram Name  
Lakeland Community CollegeCADD Engineering Technology201520162017
Mayfield High SchoolConstruction Trades201520162017
Mayfield High SchoolCosmetology201520162017
Mayfield High SchoolEarly Childhood Education201520162017
W-E Career AcademyHealth Informatics  2017
Mayfield High SchoolInformation Technology & Programming201520162017
Mayfield High SchoolInteractive Media201520162017
Beachwood High SchoolMarketing201520162017
Mayfield High SchoolMedical Technologies201520162017


Program LocationProgram Name
Max Hayes High SchoolCleveland Metropolitan School District2015 


Staging Enabled