Career Focused, Job Ready

Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares high school students for high skill, high demand careers in a competitive, global economy.

Lakeland Community College collaborates with our CTE Partners, employers, and communities to develop and deliver opportunities for students to be Career Focused, Job Ready!

Rigorous educational pathways, beginning as early as seventh grade, can lead to many postsecondary education and career opportunities. While in a CTE program, students can earn college credit from Lakeland Community College, obtain industry recognized credentials, and begin to network in their chosen field with internships, work-based learning experiences and apprenticeships.

How to Participate

Students interested in enrolling in a CTE program should contact their high school counselor.

To learn more about Lakeland Community College CTE, contact our office and review our informational presentation.

Advantages of CTE
Career Focused
  • Provides customized programming that meets the local demand in Ohio.
  • Offers multiple pathways to success in high demand fields including business, engineering, health care, Information Technology (IT), manufacturing, welding and many more.
  • Integrates practical, hands-on experience with academics.
  • Develops critical thinking skills, technical expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of a chosen industry.
College Education
  • Provides opportunities to earn college credit that may be applied to post-secondary education for tuition savings. Credit can be combined with CCP, AP, CTAG and ITAG college credits.
  • Builds a solid foundation for higher education where students can earn a bachelor's degree and beyond at Lakeland's Holden University Center or other colleges/universities.
  • The college credit earned in this program give you a head start to pursue a degree.
CTE Student Stats

The following information was gathered from the U.S. Department of Education and the Association for Career Technical Education.

  • 98% of all CTE students graduated last year.
  • 8.3 million high school students participated in career technical education pathways in 2020-2021, up from 7.5 million the previous year.
  • Over 50% of Ohio CTE students go on to higher education programs.
  • Ohio high school students in the class of 2021 earned 59,155 industry-recognized credentials.
CTE Partners


Layce Artman I graduated with my associate degree from Lakeland while at the same time graduating as Valedictorian from high school. I plan to attend the Holden University Center to complete my bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Layce Artman College Credit Plus

Michelle Timms One thing I really love about Lakeland and being in the honors program is that the teachers have small classes and they are very devoted to their students. My friends at four-year institutions are taking the same intro classes that I am, but in large lecture halls with a lot more students. Michelle Timms Associate of Arts

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