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The Lakeland Community College Tech Prep consortium works with 35 area high schools, covering a 4 county area, to create career-technical education programs that begin in the Junior year of high school and continue through an associate degree in college and beyond. Tech Prep programs stress mathematics, science, communication, and technology. They also emphasize teamwork, hands-on learning, work-site experiences, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Students who are in College Tech Prep learn interactively.

Interactive learning means students are not only looking at text books and taking tests, they are experiencing and preparing for careers within their program of study. Teamwork is encouraged to build leadership and communication skills. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their work and may work with industry professionals to...

  • Create and produce a TV commercials
  • Design a website
  • Design and create a proto-type
  • Design, build and troubleshoot a computer network

Now that's a fun way to learn!

About Tech Prep

College Tech Prep is a 2-year college prep program in a technical field that students can select for junior and senior year of high school. It blends academic coursework to prepare for college and high tech applied learning in a technical field in which the student is interested. Students are eligible to earn college credit for their high school coursework for free and can continue their education through an associate degree and beyond.

  • A college-bound program
  • Education starting in grade 11 through an associate degree and can lead to a bachelor's degree
  • College prep academics combined with High Tech career training taught in a fun, hands-on, interactive approach
  • Technical study in a choice of 11 pathways.
  • Utilizes partnerships with business & industry

In general, College Tech Prep is designed for students who:

  • Think they'd like to go on to college
  • Have an idea of what they might like to do for a career
  • Like to apply what they learn to a real problem/situation
  • May be bored in traditional high school classes
  • Enjoy working with technology (computers, cameras, machines, etc.)
Participating High Schools

Conneaut High School
Edgewood High School
Geneva High School
Grand Valley High School
Jefferson High School
Lakeside High School
Pymatuning Valley High School

Auburn Career Center (Watch Auburn Career Center video)
Berkshire High School
Cardinal High School
Chardon High School
Fairport High School
Harvey High School
Kenston High School
Kirtland High School
Madison High School
Perry High School
Riverside High School

Lake Shore Compact (Watch Lake Shore Compact video)
Euclid High School
Mentor High School
Wickliffe High School

Mayfield Excel T.E.C.C.
Aurora High School
Beachwood High School
Brush High School
Chagrin Falls High School
Eastlake North High School
Mayfield High School
Orange High School
Richmond High School
Solon High School
West Geauga High School
Willoughby South High School


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