Speaker:Jonathan Naft, CPO of Geauga Rehabilitation Engineering, Inc.
Date:Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016
Time:7:15 p.m.
Location:Dr. Wayne L Rodehorst Performing Arts Center
Cost:Free and Open to the Public
About Jonathan Naft & Geauga Rehabilitation Engineering, Inc

Advancements in Technology for the Custom Prosthetic and Orthotic Market

Today's custom prosthetic (artificial limbs) and orthotic (braces for the body) devices are engineered using carbon fiber, microprocessors and other cutting-edge innovations. Geauga Rehabilitation Engineering (GRE), Inc. is a leader in the field in utilizing this technological trend in patient care. Jonathan Naft, CPO of GRE, launched the first microprocessor-controlled leg and arm bracing, and is the 2014 Academy recipient of the Clinical Creativity Award. He will expound on this technology and the pathways it generates into technical, engineering, clinical and business careers.

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