Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The Hall Of Fame Committee of the Lakeland Alumni & Friends Network is seeking nominees for the 2020 Lakeland Alumni Hall of Fame. This award honors living alumni who personify the college's tradition of excellence, bringing distinction to themselves and their alma mater through their outstanding professional achievements and their support and commitment to Lakeland and the community at large.

Completed nominations will be reviewed by the committee and inductees will be selected based on several criteria. Nominees must have:

  1. Earned an associate's degree or certificate from Lakeland Community College
  2. Must have graduated at least 10 years prior to the nominating year
  3. Must demonstrate career success
  4. Demonstrate a) a strong record of community involvement and leadership in community programs and/or b) a significant interest in and contribution/involvement to Lakeland and its programs.
Nomination deadline extension: Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2020.

Download a PDF version here, if you prefer sending your nomination by mail. *Required Field

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In the space below, please describe the reasons why this person should be considered for this honor based on the above criteria, involvement in community service, commitment to Lakeland, professional/personal accomplishments, etc.

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