Parking and Shuttle Services

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Parking Information

One of the duties of the Lakeland Campus Police Department is to monitor, maintain and enforce parking on Lakeland College grounds. Student parking is available at NO CHARGE to students and visitors and is conveniently located around the college. The college also offers a FREE shuttle bus service, in partnership with Laketran. Students and visitors may not park on the grass, over yellow lines, in faculty/staff parking or in handicapped parking without a valid handicapped permit. No overnight parking is permitted without permission from the Lakeland Campus Police Department.

Handicapped Parking Information

Remember, if you are parked in a handicapped spot with a valid permit, the person to whom the permit was issued MUST be present. If you are found using a permit that does not belong to you, you may be cited or arrested per Ohio Revised Code.

We have received numerous complaints of vehicles being illegally parked in handicapped spaces. We are aggressively patrolling these areas and taking enforcement action against violators. Please make sure your handicapped permit is valid, issued to you, and visible. If you see violations, please contact the Police Department.

Triple Parking – Parking During Snowfall

When pulling into a parking space, please be aware of the vehicles around you. Do not enter what looks like a parking spot if there are two cars in front of or behind the space (triple parking). You will be blocking someone in. Likewise, do not put yourself in a situation that would allow you to be the car being blocked in. Often, we are unable to locate the owner or assist in these situations. When in doubt, park in a different space.

Remember that when it snows, yellow lines or parking signs may be covered up. Please be careful when parking during the winter season and be aware of parking regulations, spaces and signs. If you are in doubt or have any questions, feel free to contact the Police Department.

Parking Meters

Metered parking is for short-term, 45 minute parking only. The meters only take quarters. You are responsible for making sure that you have enough time left on your meter. When in doubt, park in the free public parking area.

Road Service

The Lakeland Campus Police Department does not perform road service, but will contact the road service company of your preference to assist you. Some companies offer discounts to students.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus service on campus is provided by Laketran. Laketran's Campus Loop (Route 7) serves eight bus stop locations with service every 10 minutes connecting all points from the Holden University Center (U-Building) to the T-Building, and everywhere in between.

View route map [pdf]

Hours of operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Friday: no shuttle service
Weekends: no shuttle service
*Campus Loop operates during fall and spring semesters only and does not operate on days the college is closed. All Laketran buses are wheelchair accessible.

Call Laketran at 440.350.LOOP or visit for additional Campus Loop information.

Avoid being towed when parking at Lakeland's Holden University Center

The Holden University Center has received notice that towing will occur for cars parked in the medical building parking lots located adjacent to the university center, along with the grass behind the Holden University Center. This is private property.

Parking at the Holden University Center is available to all Lakeland and partnership students, staff and faculty teaching or taking courses at the facility, along with our community guests. Please do not park in the medical building lots as you run the risk of having your car towed. Lakeland Community College is not responsible for any fines incurred by those that are in violation, including employees.

Additional parking for the Holden University Center is located across the street in the west parking lot of Lakeland Community College (lot closest to State Rte. 306), along with a shuttle bus shelter for your convenience. There is also a crosswalk for those that prefer to walk.

Holden University Center shuttle service provides courtesy transportation to and from the following stops:

  • Clocktower
  • West Lot

This is provided during standard business hours of operation in the fall and spring semesters (no shuttle service on Saturdays). Call boxes or police phones are available near shuttle service areas. For shuttle assistance, please contact campus police: 440.525.7241 or the university center: 440.525.7535.

To view the shuttle service map, click here.

*Campus Loop does not operate during the summer term, nor on days the college is closed. All Laketran buses are wheelchair accessible.


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