Outcomes & Performance

The mission of the humanities at Lakeland is to introduce students to the general liberal arts. To this end, students will develop skills at critical, systemic, and creative thinking with respect to art, culture and historical analysis, as well as developing an appreciation for the diversity of lifestyles.

Upon successful completion of humanities coursework, students will:
  1. Understand the nature and complexity of symbols and symbolism.
    1. Describe how myths and stories reflect the human cultural experience.
    2. Recognize various forms of art.
    3. Describe potential layered meanings in various art forms.
  2. Appreciate the commonality and diversity of the human experience.
    1. Analyze works of art to discover what is common to the human experience.
    2. Recognize how cultures are interrelated through their artistic influence.
    3. Recognize how cultures are interrelated across time and space.

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