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Prekindergarten Associate Teaching License

Lakeland Community College's Associate Degree Program in Early Childhood Education prepares students to obtain the Prekindergarten Associate License, if all the criteria outlined below are also fully met. When all the criteria are met, the graduate's application form for Prekindergarten Associate Licensure will be signed by the Early Childhood Program Director.


  • Hold an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Lakeland Community College with an official copy of graduate transcript verifying graduate status on file in the Early Childhood Education Department office.
  • Be deemed to be of good moral character including no convictions on a criminal background records check(s).
  • Successfully have completed all requirements of the approved Prekindergarten Associate Program with at least a 2.5 GPA in the required program courses.
  • It is recommended that students complete MATH 1600. Please note MATH 0950 is a program requirement. Students may meet this requirement by testing into MATH 1650 College Algebra.
  • Successfully have completed at least 300 hours of faculty-evaluated and field-based experiences with all records on file in the Early Childhood Education Department office, including at least the minimum number of required faculty-evaluated work with exceptional children and multicultural early childhood settings.
  • Articulate and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and dispositions identified by the Ohio Department of Education for teacher licensure.
  • Have been recommended by the Program Director of Lakeland's Early Childhood Program as having met all program standards.
  • Receive a passing score (according to Ohio Department of Education) on the Ohio Praxis Prekindergarten Exam

The license is issued from the Ohio Department of Education for teaching in public school prekindergarten programs and is available to program graduates who meet licensure standards.

Ohio Department Of Education Center for the Teaching Profession Certification/Licensure

Ohio Department of Education (Initial Licensure, Renew Teaching License)

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