Counseling Courses

FYEX 1000 - First Year Experience (1 Credit)
This course introduces students to the behaviors, skills, and attitudes that are important to success in college. It is required for new students but transfer students completing 15 semester hours are exempt. In this class you will learn:

  • An overview of how to utilize college resources and services.
  • How to succeed as a college student preparing for a career.
  • Learn the attributes necessary for personal and academic success.
  • Overview of academic programs offered at Lakeland Community College.
  • Each student will receive an individualized plan outlining a potential Completion Plan for your major, transfer or individualized course of study at Lakeland.


COUN 1050- Skills for Self-Care and Resilience (1 credit)
This course offers students the opportunity to learn about and try out a variety of activities and practices that promote self-care and resilience. We will explore ways of managing stress, persevering when faced with adversity, and maintaining balance.  With the understanding that different strategies work for different people, students will develop a personalized set of skills for:

  • Physical self-care and well-being 
  • Emotional self-care and well-being
  • Relational self-care and well-being
  • Understanding and fostering resilience

COUN 1100 - Career Exploration (3 Credits)
This course is recommended for students who are undecided about their career choice and those who have not declared a program of study. Students will:

  • Develop career planning skills.
  • Complete career assessment inventories (interest/personality, skills and abilities, work values, decision making styles).
  • Learn how to use sources of occupational information.
  • Identify tentative career options.
  • Develop and implement decision-making strategies and techniques.

COUN 1200 - Employment Strategy (2 credits)
This course introduces students to effective strategies for job search and preparation. Students will identify and develop skills in:

  • Preparing resumes
  • Job applications, and cover letters
  • Locating hidden job markets
  • Negotiating salary
  • Networking; and interviewing

COUN 1300 - Skills for College Success (2 Credits)
This course is especially recommended adults returning to college, and students experiencing academic difficulties. The course helps students to utilize more of their potential and to succeed in college. Students will be introduced to strategies for personal growth coupled with skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Note-taking
  • Test taking strategies
  • How to study and read a textbook
  • Students will develop an individualized plan for college success

COUN 1400 - Skills for Love and Marriage (3 credits)

This elective course prepares students for lasting, healthy love relationships. The course provides an overview of theory and research on love relationships, while emphasizing the development of skills and personal insight. Students will explore:

  • Family of origin influences on love relationships 
  • Healthy expectations for marriage 
  • The role of personal values and choices in establishing and maintaining a loving relationship 
  • Skills for handling differences and conflicts as well as for enhancing love and emotional connection 
  • Sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships
  • Partner selection
  • Love lessons from current brain science
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