The bookstore offers online, daily and end of term book buyback.

Online Book Buyback

Find your books, get a quote and ship them at no additional cost! You'll receive a check in the mail within three weeks for your books.

Daily Book Buyback

Daily buyback will be held daily inside of the bookstore to buy textbooks at current market value for a used textbook company only. Some date exclusions apply. A photo ID is required.

End of Term Book Buyback

End of term buyback will be held during finals week of each term. A used textbook company will be on hand to buy back textbooks at current market value for both the bookstore and the used textbook company. Daily book buyback will not be available during end of term book buyback. A photo ID is required.

Upcoming End of Term Buyback Dates

View all upcoming end of term book buyback dates on the Bookstore calendar.

All end of term book buybacks take place in the Bookstore Hallway (A-1037).


What condition does the book have to be in?

The book must be in good and saleable condition as determined by the staff member(s) conductiong the inspection. All pages, bindings and covers must be intact and complete. Pages should not be torn, missing, marked up or highlighted excessively so that the print is obscured. Textbooks with water damage, stains and/or pages sticking together are not considered in "good and saleable condition."

Does the student need to be present for buyback?

No, but a photo ID is required.

How much money will I receive for my textbook(s)?

Book buyback prices are based on current market value. Generally, older editions are worth less than new editions.

Which textbooks are eligible for buyback?

You may bring any textbook from previous semesters to buyback. We will be glad to scan them to see if they have any resale value for you.

How do I use my course content Access Code?

Click here to review a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Access Codes.





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