Procedure Number: SS63-01
Title: FERPA Procedures for the Confidentiality and Review of Student Records
Date Approved:
Updated & Approved: 06/10/2003, 10/10/05, 11/30/16
Related Policy 3354:2-61-11 3354:2-63-01



The following procedures are in regard to the revised policy on the confidentiality and review of student records.

  1. Review of Student Records
    1. A student may request the opportunity to review his/her records. The request should be made to the college official in charge of the office in which the records are on file. The college office may require the request to be in writing.
    2. Approval of this request will be granted within a reasonable period of time not to exceed 45 days.
    3. Records will be inspected and reviewed by the student in the presence of the administrator in charge or his/her designee.
      1. Upon written request, a student may receive a copy of any portion of their student record that is generated by Lakeland, subject to a nominal fee to cover any copying cost.
      2. Records may not be altered during this process of inspection.
      3. A student has a right to challenge any portion of their school record using the procedure listed below.
  2. Hearing to Challenge Content of Records
    1. Students shall have the opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of their school records to insure the accuracy of the record and to provide a means in which the record can be corrected. Challenges by students regarding the validity of grades received are not covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and therefore are not covered by this procedure. 
      1. A student makes his/her request in writing to the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management. The request must identify the portion of the record to be challenged and must state the reason(s) for challenging the record. The request should also state the remedy sought (i.e., the addition, alteration or deletion of specific information).
      2. The hearing will be conducted and scheduled by the Associate Provost for Student and Learning Support Services (or their designee) within a reasonable amount of time.
        1. The record under challenge is represented by the college official who is responsible for the record while the student has the right to be assisted by an advisor of his/her choice. The burden of sustaining the challenge rests with the student.
        2. The burden of proof is by a preponderance of the evidence.
        3. Both the student and the college have the right to present evidence and witnesses directly related to the portion(s) of the record being challenged.
        4. An audio record of the hearing shall be kept.
      3. The Associate Provost for Student and Learning Support Services must provide the student written notification of the disposition of the challenge including reasons for the decision. Based on the disposition, the record may stand, may be corrected, or may be deleted. 
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