Procedure Number: SS62-01A
Title: Admissions Procedure
Date Approved: 2/12/09
Updated & Approved: 1/12/2010, 5/13/2014, 9/11/2014, 1/20/2015
Related Policy 3354:2-62-01



  1. New First Time in College Students
    1. Submit an application for admission
    2. Submit an official final high school transcript from a regionally accredited high school; or a copy of a GED certificate; or pass the Ability to Benefit Test
    3. Take Lakeland's placement test
      1. Submission of ACT/SAT scores are recommended for high school seniors or recent high school graduates and may eliminate the need to participate in Lakeland's placement testing.
      2. Home school graduates can also present ACT/SAT scores which may eliminate the requirement to complete the Ability to Benefit Test
  2. Current High School Students (College Credit Plus) EFFECTIVE FALL 2015
    1. High school students applying to Lakeland must submit a College Credit Plus admissions application
    2. Submit an official high school transcript.
    3. Register for the COMPASS placement exam and achieve a minimum placement level of ENGL 1110 and MATH 0950; or achieve an ACT minimum score of 18 in English and 21 in math; or an SAT minimum score of 450 in Critical Reading (or 430 in Writing) and 500 in math.
  3. Transfer Students
    ‚ÄčTransfer students must:
    1. Submit an application for admission
    2. Submit an official college transcript(s) from each college attended
  4. Transient Students
    1. Transient students must submit an application for admission
    2. Transient students may be required to submit an official college transcript or a statement of course approval from their home institution to meet course pre-requisites.
  5. Non-Degree/Non-Certificate Students
    1. Non-degree students must submit an application for admission
    2. Non-degree students are not required to submit high school or college transcripts and also are waived from the placement test admissions requirement.
      1. Non-degree students must still meet all course prerequisites.
      2. Registration in developmental courses is not permitted unless the student has completed the placement test.
    3. There is no limit on the number of credits a student can earn as a non-degree student.
    4. In accordance with the US Department of Education Office of Federal Student Aid, financial aid is not available for non-degree students
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